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“Every Experience In Life Is Meant To Prepare You For Something Greater That Only You Can Handle.”

Anh’s family immigrated to Canada when she was just a toddler in 1990. She was raised throughout the lower mainland and have found it difficult to call any other place her home. Though she was too young to remember her family’s hardships in her early years, her first job at the Langley Community Services Society (LCSS) allowed her to stay connected to her origins and help assist new immigrants transition into the local community.

Anh’s duties at LCSS helped newcomers overcome the many struggles and obstacles of being a new immigrant in a foreign country. Anh has gained valuable skills and experiences at LCSS that has instilled a humble foundation within and a constant reminder to help her stay connected to her roots. Today, Anh’s beacon of light is with her three beautiful children. Her new determination for success begins and ends with them.

10 years of Real Estate experience has definitely opened a world of diverse insights and helped shape Anh become the strong and savvy negotiator that she is today. Her proficient bilingual skills in both Vietnamese and English is an added asset to her network as well. She has built strong and trustworthy relationships with first time buyers, sellers, developers, local, and international investors in both the Residential and Commercial sector.

Anh has recently added on Property Management to her venture. This newly acquired license allows Anh to support new and existing landlords in managing their investment properties. Anh’s sharp instinct and proficiency keeps her ahead of the competition for a smooth transaction. She is just as readily equipped when faced with unforeseen challenges to help her clients lock in the best deals.

With an innate natural marketing aptitude in her that is ever evolving, Anh strives to find the silver lining in life. She finds humour in the oddest of times which is a relief in an industry that is life altering and always so serious. Just when you think you've caught up with her, she’s already on to the next innovative marketing idea to draw you in.

Compassion, commitment, determination, sacrifice, and the relentless drive to help others, is what makes Anh a unique Real Estate agent today.

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